Australian Contact Centre Wage
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Australian contact centre salaries

A list of the Australian Contact Centre Salaries as set out by the Government as well as local benchmarking data, definitions and more.

Understanding Erlang C for call centres
CX Central Podcast

Understanding Erlang C for call centres

A great podcast to fast-track your learning of the Erlang C formula that is used to calculate workload and service levels in a call centre. Fundamental to all call centres!

Triple Zero Heroes who work in the call centre
Community Education

Triple Zero Heroes

Every day, over 7,000 Victorians speak to one of the real-life Triple Zero Heroes. We got to take a look behind the scenes working in the ESTA call centre.

Tips on how to manage angry customers
Call Centre Agent Tips

How to manage angry customers

If you work in a call centre or customer service these expert tips will help you to manage angry customers and get the conversation back on track.

The future of CX and six facts you must know
CX Executive Tips

6 facts about the future of CX

After spending an evening with the world famous Don Peppers talking about the future of CX, there are 6 indisputable facts every CX manager should know.

the future of call centre outsourcers in Australia
Call Centre Outsourcing

The future of call centre outsourcers in Australia

With another closure of an Australian BPO recently we asked senior call centre BPO industry leaders what is the future of call centre outsourcing in Australia? The honest and frank assessment provides some good insight into how the BPO industry is evolving to remain relevant and competitive.

Why the AHT Metric should be extinct
Call Centre KPIs & Metrics

Why the AHT metric should be extinct

With changes to the way contact centres operate and a higher focus on quality, its about time you stop using the AHT metric for call centre agents.