How to target contact centre, CX, BPO and customer service professionals to promote your event

Have you got an upcoming webinar, conference, training course, networking event and so on that you’d like to promote to the contact centre, call centre, customer service or customer experience industry? 

With over 10,000 unique visitors to CX Central every month, this is of the best (and most cost-effective) marketing investments you can make to promote your event with prices starting from just $27.00 AUD to list your event.  The CX Industry Events Calendar is specifically used by industry professionals specifically looking for training courses, conferences, networking events, workshops and webinars to attend either for themselves or their teams. 

To add your event, prices start from a low $27.00 AUD, and you can direct any enquiries and bookings directly to your chosen URL, all we do is list your event on the calendar to make it easier for people to find! 

One of the main reasons our calendar is so popular is that we are vendor agnostic – we list all the upcoming events in one place. From Auscontact events, CX Skills, COPC and so on through to small boutique events or one-off webinars, we list them all. 

In fact, we are the only destination that lists every single event coming up (regardless of who the organiser is) making it easier for people to find out what’s coming up so they can plan their budgets and dairies for both themselves and their employees all in the one location. 


How to target the contact centre industry market
Adding your event to the Customer Experience and Contact Centre Industry Events Calendar is one of the most cost-effective ways to market to your target audience.



How much does it cost to add my event to the calendar?


To add your event on the CX Industry Events calendar, our paid listings start from just $27.00 AUD ex GST which includes a link to your website to enable people to learn more about your event, register, purchase a ticket and so on. 

Why is it so cheap? Our intent is to make this calendar the go-to destination for people to find out what’s coming up so we’ve kept the entry price as low as possible to ensure its affordable for all businesses.  As we don’t charge any membership fees on CX Central, this small charge enables us to cover the costs of maintaining the calendar and for our website to remain a great resource for the whole industry. 

The cost also includes us doing all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for you to make sure your event appears in Google Search results and we also provide a backlink to your event (tell your marketing team that, they’ll be amazed at the value on that alone!). 

If you’d like to make your event listing standing out even more, then we have four different options available which can be viewed below.

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With over 10k visitors visiting our website monthly, adding your event to the Contact Centre & CX Industry Events Calendar is one of the most cost-effective marketing investments you can make!



How do I add my Event to the Calendar?

We’ve got an easy online form that will guide you through the information we need including the date and time of your event, location, pricing and some information about your Event – after all, we want people to know all about it! 

For our paid options, you can pay by credit card at the end of the online form and a Tax Invoice will be sent to you as well.



4 Options To Promote Your Event:

We offer four different options when adding your event to the CX Industry Events Calendar:

No Link - $0
Add your event to the Calendar but NO LINKS to your website or booking URL are included (so unlikely to drive much traffic to your event).
URL - $27.00
Include your website URL, booking URL or social media URL making it easy for people to learn more, register or purchase a ticket to your event. We’ll also include your event in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section at the bottom of every article on our website (Example below).
URL PLUS - $67.00
Make your event stand out by adding a logo and get a whole page to tell people more about your event including adding agendas, speakers, available discounts and more and you can also add filters to your event listing to make it easier for more people to find your event.
Shout Out - $147.00
All the features of URL Plus and we’ll also post your event on our LinkedIn company page and email our newsletter subscribers who have opted into wanting notification about new events.




Compare the options

Still not sure which option is right for you to promote your event? Prices are in $AUD and exclude GST (10%). 

contact centre events promotion options

Want to learn more about promoting your CX Event?

Call our Australian based support team on +613 9008 7287 between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday AEDT or send us a message anytime >



What’s coming up:

We include the next three upcoming events at the bottom of every article just like what you see below:

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