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About Marc Carriere 21 Articles
With 34 years of worldwide executive experience managing Call Centre teams that have won 3 Silver and 3 Gold ‘Ardy’ awards, consulting with businesses mentoring and coaching their Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders and having owned a call centre himself Marc is well aware of the difficulties Call Centres face in consistently meeting their targets and KPIs.
About Daniel Ord 18 Articles

Founder and Director of OmniTouch International, Dan is engaged by global, regional and country super brands to help build or expand competencies around their Contact Centres, Customer Service delivery and Customer Experience know-how.

Daniel is also one of just 15 CXPA Recognised Training Providers in the world for the delivery of CX management training as well as a global Contact Centre expert.

Born in the USA and now based in Germany, over the past 20 years, Dan has engaged with more than 1,500 organisations, across 40 countries and with more than 50,000 participants in workshops & speaking engagements.

Daniel provides a range of training courses in Australia and across Asia Pacific - Search CX Skills to find his upcoming courses.

About Staff Writers 12 Articles
Sometimes writers are a little shy so we've relaxed our rules about always having to include a profile for each article. So if you'd like to write an article for CX Central and not put your name to it you now can! Visit How to Submit a Blog to find out more.
About Kwame Aforo-Addo 8 Articles
Kwame Aforo-Addo is an experienced senior manager in the customer service industry having held roles at iiNet, Amaysim and OnMessage. He is now Business Development Manager for Yellowfin BI.
About Derek Finch 7 Articles

Derek Finch has over 25 years’ experience in managing contact centres across a wide variety of sectors including Government, Not for Profit and Commerce.

Derek was the former national Chair of the ATA has been elected Life Member of the Auscontact Association and is currently a senior consultant for CX Consult who specialise in providing consulting services to contact centres in Australia.

About Niamh Reed 6 Articles

Niamh Reed works in content creation at Parker Software, a leading UK software house that offers live chat software and business process automation to businesses worldwide.

She spends most of her time writing articles spanning topics such as customer service and user experience.

During her downtime, she draws, plays the violin, and hip-throws people twice her size in jiu-jitsu.

About Liz Kirk (PhD) 6 Articles

Absenteeism cost the national economy over $32.5 billion in lost wages and productivity every year and call centres record the second highest rate of sickies in Australia.

I help companies reduce rates of absenteeism and increase profits by building the modern health and wellness skills staff need to flourish in the 21st Century workplace.

About Belinda Roets 6 Articles

Belinda is passionate about call centre efficiency, having been in the contact centre space for over 15 years.

She is the co-founder of Quality Connex, where she runs operations and oversees shared services and consulting. In past lives, she has run consulting for NSC, managed an AsiaPac Service Desk operation and been a trainer.

About Simon Blair 5 Articles

Simon Blair is a Customer Experience Coach for staff and managers at the frontline of customer contact operations and is the owner and founder of Five Degrees based in Melbourne, Australia.

Simon provides a range of training courses in Australia and across Asia Pacific - Search CX Skills to find his upcoming courses.

About Shane Goldberg 4 Articles
Shane Goldberg is the founder and Principal at CustCore Consulting, a specialist consultancy firm with a focus on helping companies of all sizes unlock new areas of growth through measuring and improving customer experience.
About Rodney Laws 4 Articles
Rodney Laws is an eCommerce platform specialist and online business consultant. He’s worked in the eCommerce industry for nearly two decades, helping brands big and small achieve their business goals. For tips, advice, and eCommerce reviews, reach out to Rodney on Twitter.
About Annette Franz 4 Articles

Annette is a recognised customer experience thought leader who is passionate about helping to build people-focused organisations, organisations that care about people over profits, knowing that by focusing on employee experience first, a great customer experience will follow.

Annette holds a B.S. in Management from California State University, is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), and is CEM Certified. She is an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), as a Board Member, SoCal Local Networking Event Team Lead, CX Expert, and CX Mentor.

About Cassie McInnes 4 Articles

Cassie is an expert in the field of customer service and coaching and loves to coach and develop people.

As a certified trainer and facilitator, Cassie is also passionate about designing and teaching Service Training and also coaches on performance improvement.

In her current role, Cassie also manages to balance and tie in her passions outside of work with a love of acting, drama, film and TV projects as well as public speaking and presenting.

About Jacada 4 Articles
Jacada enables organisations to deliver effortless customer self-service and agent-assisted interactions by implementing cutting-edge mobile, smart device, and web-based visual IVR solutions, as well as optimised agent desktops, and business process optimisation tools.
About Efrat Vulfsons 3 Articles
Efrat Vulfsons is a data-driven writer and freelance publicist, parallel to her soprano opera singing career. Efrat holds a B.F.A from the Jerusalem Music Academy in Opera Performance.
About David Joyce 3 Articles

David is a leading authority on organisational change and Director of Reconceive Consulting. He provides fresh thinking for progressive leaders, helping them to improve leadership, culture, and service delivery.

As a result of gaining a new perspective for solving problems, every customer can receive great service at less cost, colleagues can be enabled to work more productively, and a more positive organisational culture can be created.

About Ben Carmichael 3 Articles
Ben Carmichael is the Founder of Bearded Man Consulting - an organisation that utilises feedback to create better experiences.
About Greg Tanna 3 Articles

Over a career spanning 23 years, Greg Tanna has established himself as a thought leader in the supply of highly specialised executive talent in the Customer Experience domain spanning BPO, ICT, WFO, Sales, Service, Analytics, Digital, Intelligent Automation & AI Consulting sectors.

Feel welcome to contact Greg directly on +61 414 503 719 or via the social links below.

About Kedar Naik 3 Articles

Kedar Naik is Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Customer Experience Solutions. He has 20 years’ experience in helping companies understand their customers and provide great experiences to drive satisfaction, loyalty, retention and brand advocacy.

Kedar also helps companies looking to offshore processes at a fraction of their current costs.

About Mark West 3 Articles
Mark is cofounder of Magnificent Nerds, an award-winning experiential agency specialising in games, VR and esports, as well as Legit Nerds, a start-up travel brand offering packages and tours to the best gaming and pop culture events in the world.
About Jemma Martin 3 Articles

Jemma Martin loves to inspire people to think differently, create innovative solutions and take action for their professional future.

She is the founder of Her Future Moves, a social enterprise creating accessible and affordable Women’s Professional Development. Jemma is an avid learner who enjoys travelling, connecting with new people and going out to brunch.

Click the Social Media icons below to learn more about Her Future Moves!

About Micah Solomon 3 Articles
Micah Solomon is a customer service consultant, customer service speaker and bestselling business author. 
About Linda Simonsen 3 Articles

Businesswoman, speaker, mentor and executive coach: Founder and CEO of FuturePeople.

Tertiary qualified in HR and Psychology, University of Sydney. Member of AHRI and ATA, as well as CEO Institute. Honorary Fellow of CSIA. Fellowship with the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA). Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) Accredited.

About Carla Egan 3 Articles
Carla Egan is a professional coach, trainer, and behavioural profiler, and combines her coaching skills with her 20-year career experience in inbound contact centre management to enable organisational change in individuals, teams, and leaders.
About Don Peppers 2 Articles
Don Peppers is recognised as a global authority on marketing and business competition. His first book, The One to One Future, written with Martha Rogers in 1993, is widely credited with having launched the CRM revolution.
About Martin Grunstein 2 Articles
Martin Grunstein’s outstanding results with over 500 Australian companies across over 100 industries have made him this country’s most in-demand speaker on customer service. Discover more at
About Suzanne Waldron 2 Articles

Suzanne specialises in leadership and behavioural change, helping organisations create genuine leaders.

You'll find Suzanne at home on the stage speaking at conferences, coaching leaders and with leadership teams facilitating their cohesion.

She is the published author of A Flourishing Mind, Ambassador for R U OK? and was a nominee for Western Australia of the Year 2016.

About Mostafa Hadi 2 Articles

Mostafa Hadi is a thought leader, blogger, coach and speaker. He has held numerous leadership positions in contact centres, with one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia.

He has led multi-national teams in the process, whilst also being involved in the implementation of regulatory changes in Australia for the bank.

He prides himself on being passionate about leadership and helping people be the best version of themselves.

About Brad Shaw 2 Articles

Brad Shaw is the CEO of livepro, a Customer Service Knowledge Management organisation.

Brad has spent the last ten years coaching CEOs to focus on customer satisfaction and cost efficiencies and ensuring his livepro clients are getting better outcomes from the system.

When he isn’'t championing livepro, you can find Brad cruising Sydney on his Vespa or spending time with his grandsons (yep, you heard that right!)

About Nick Jiwa 2 Articles

Nick Jiwa is a tenured contact centre outsourcing veteran and the Founder of CustomerServ - a trusted adviser specialising in creating the perfect match between companies that need outsourcing services with elite contact centre service providers.

About Charlie Svensson 2 Articles
Charlie Svensson is a digital marketer and a part-time blogger from San Francisco, CA. He is mainly interested in business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and customer relationship management. Apart from writing, Charlie enjoys travelling and long-distance running.
About Darren Rushworth 2 Articles
Darren Rushworth is the president of NICE APAC. When the world’s leading companies want to improve their business performance, increase their operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure they’re fully compliant, or enhance their safety and security, they talk to NICE.
About Div Pillay 2 Articles

Div Pillay has 17 years of people experience working with blended models of outsourcing and offshoring across Australia, India, Manila, Malaysia and South Africa.

She has a national culture being Australian with a hybrid of being South African Indian! Her personal culture is one of being inclusive, accountable and customer focused.

Her organisation culture is about harnessing people and their diversity to deliver high performance.

About Ryan McConville 2 Articles
Ryan is a proactive individual who has worked across a multitude of marketing roles and industries over the last 10 years, he has found himself thriving in the digital marketing space. Ryan is currently the Digital Marketing Manager for livepro.
About Ashley Simmons 2 Articles
Ashley Simmons is an expert journalist and editor who has spent 4 years working for a newspaper company in Salt Lake City. Ashley is also a content writer with copious works on psychology, business, and marketing innovations. Ashley also loves writing on modern education, and she has taken it up a notch by being a consultant for the team at buy dissertation and write my essay UK.
About Mike Crompton 2 Articles
Mike Crompton is a customer service specialist, viral marketer and former recruiter living in Melbourne, Australia. When he's not helping customers achieve their goals or promoting like a madman, he enjoys working with disadvantaged youth and making grown adults cry on the pool table!
About Luke Ross 2 Articles

I am a senior capability and enablement professional with over 18 years experience in development of B2B and B2C organisations.

A Registered Psychologist and who has specialised in the application of organisational psychology to increase performance in the workplace.

About Carolyn Blunt 2 Articles
Contact Centre People Development Expert, Managing Director of Ember Real Results. Professional speaker & writer.
About Nathan Burke 2 Articles

Nathan Burke started his career as a schoolteacher before the demands of elite level football with St Kilda F.C. took over.

Following a successful corporate career he founded Nathan Burke Consulting –a Melbourne based firm that offers High-Performance Training and Coaching solutions to corporates, schools and sports teams.

About Justin O'Hehir 2 Articles
Justin O'Hehir is a Human Synergistics facilitator and Director of Performance with People, a Human Resources Consultancy that assist organisations in success through people.
About James Witcombe 2 Articles
James leads a team of talented recruiters specialising in Sales & Marketing and Contact Centre roles for SMAART Recruitment - Australia's best recruitment brand.
About Kath Blackham 1 Article
I am a global leader in Conversational AI, and the founder of VERSA. VERSA is a leading digital transformation agency that’s powered by Conversational AI. We help heads of Marketing, Customer Service, and Digital Transformation to integrate conversational, voice, and AI technologies. The result: our clients create better conversations with their customers, leading to a superior customer experience.
About Chris Robinson 1 Article
Chris Robinson has been established in the customer communications scene for over 20 years. His unique approach to working has made him a pioneer in the contact centre space. Chris prides himself on delivering exceptional experiences, not only for his clients and customers; but for his employees too.
About Wanda Lafond 1 Article
Wanda Lafond is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career from being a high school writer to a university editor, and now she is a writer in a professional writing platform — her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.
About Frank Hamilton 1 Article
Frank Hamilton has been working as a translator at translation service TheWordPoint. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves travelling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.
About Rakesh Kumar 1 Article
Rakesh Kumar is Chief Solutions Officer at Pimcore Global Services (A Happiest Minds Company). He is responsible for designing high-performing and scalable cloud applications and managing engineering and pre-sale functions across geographies.
About Chris Smith 1 Article
Chris is the HR Change and Transformation Lead at WalkMe™ helping enterprises streamline software changes smoothly and ensure that employees stay productive and successful.
About Adrian Swinscoe 1 Article

I’'m an independent customer experience consultant, adviser, speaker and author and have worked with companies from across the world.

I’'ve also published a best-selling book (April 2016 - Pearson) called How To Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing. I live with my wife Hana, by the sea, south of London in the UK.

About Gregory V.Chapman 1 Article
Gregory is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web and WordPress. Also, he works on writing service review websites Online Writers Rating. Gregory is in love with stories and facts, so he always tries to get the best of both worlds.
About Glendon Evarts 1 Article
Glendon has over 12 years experience in both NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and contact centres both domestically and internationally.
About Julian Sinclair 1 Article
Julian Sinclair is a high-energy, results-driven, strategically focused, hands-on senior sales leader with a continued record of achieving substantial, profitable & sustainable new business in highly competitive markets.
About Peter Zafiris 1 Article
Peter Zafiris is an industrial marketer and founder of Industrial Ideas. We exist to help industrial B2B companies plan, execute and measure marketing programs that produce real, bottom-line results.
About Michael Terry 1 Article

Michael Terry has been a key figure in the contact centre industry for over 40 years in Australia.

Michael is the Managing Director of Advatel and former Chairman of the Auscontact Association who helped oversee the merger of the ATA and the Contact Centre Managers Association in Australia.

About Daniela McVicker 1 Article
Daniela McVicker is a career coach and a contributor to RatedbyStudents. She’s also a business communication coach, helping future job applicants to write business emails to help them achieve success on their career paths.
About Steve Fitzgerald 1 Article

Steve Fitzgerald is the National Sales and Marketing Manager at Premier Technologies, one of Australia’s leading providers of contact centre and hosted payment and transaction solutions.

Premier addresses real contact centre challenges, to enable companies and their customers to communicate effectively and build lasting relationships.

About Paul Petrone 1 Article

I'm a huge believer that people are the key to any organisation, so my goal soon became figuring out what type of people to bet big on, and which ones not to.

Through my articles, I've reached more than five million people with my own thoughts on the subject, and have garnered priceless wisdom from their collective perspectives.

I'm thrilled now to work for LinkedIn, a company that shares the value I hold most dear: people matter.

About Craig Borowski 1 Article
Craig Borowski is a Market Researcher at Software Advice, covering technology and changing trends in the CRM market, with a focus on customer service, marketing automation and the impact of technology on CRM strategy.
About Shelley Flett 1 Article

Shelley Flett is an expert in leadership development and team performance.

With a background in Operations and Call Centre’s across banking and telecommunications, she believes the core components of good leadership involve investing in relationships, inspiring respect and influencing results.

About Joel Hill 1 Article

Joel started with Asterisk IT a few months after the company began as a support engineer. He worked in that position for just over 2 years before leaving to pursue other interests.

Joel returned to Noojee in 2010 in a Sales role and became the General Manager in 2017.

About Connor Bourke 1 Article
Connor Bourke is CEO of Optima WFM, a business process and consulting firm that is a pioneer in the field of WFM Managed Services. Optima provides clients from around the world with fully outsourced WFM services, as well as consulting and executive WFM recruitment.
About Terence Alvares 1 Article
Terence has extensive experience in customer service/contact centre operational leadership, strategy and management, P&L accountability, business development and relationship management for a range of corporate enterprises and call centre outsourcers.
About Brett Beranek 1 Article
Brett Beranek is the Directory Product Strategy, Enterprise for Nuance with over 15 years of experience in the customer experience and biometrics space.
About Isabelle Jordan 1 Article
Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta Traveling insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.
About Justin Osborne 1 Article
Justin Osborne is a writer at academic writing help and he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at assignment help
About Bill Durr 1 Article

Bill Durr is an industry veteran and has held a variety of sales, marketing and management roles for major contact centre vendors and worked as a consultant for centres challenged with meeting their performance objectives.

With more than 30 years in the market, he has practical experience with most contact centre technologies and the technology segments that comprise workforce optimisation, including workforce management.

About Matthew Carracher 1 Article
Matthew Carracher is General Manager - Marketing Solutions at Salmat, a marketing services business based in Melbourne, Australia.
About Charles Green 1 Article

Charles is an experienced leader and adviser in the banking and financial services sector with over 20 years’ experience in b2b media and business intelligence in retail banking, payments and commercial banking.

Charles is a regular speaker at thought leadership events in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

About Derek Good 1 Article

Derek Good was a General Manager for fifteen years and since 2002 moved into corporate training and consulting. He has won Business Awards for Customer Service Excellence and for innovation in general training.

These days Derek's focus is on researching the changes in training trends and developing his online micro video training organisation LearningPlanet which is currently accessed by thousands of users worldwide.

About Bryan Osorio 1 Article
Bryan Osorio is a Blogger, SEO enthusiast, Content Marketer, and Digital Marketer with 3 years of experience within the Tech and Digital Marketing Industry. He likes to read, write and talk about Science, Technology, AI, Video Games, World News and more. He studied Psychology at the National University of Colombia and enjoys writing about leadership, remote work, team motivation and others.
About James Man 1 Article
I have been adapting to the recent SEO and marketing trends across the globe. As an individual, I built strategies and innovations to drive brand awareness and enhance product performance. Being a part of Telemarketing Professionals has helped me polish my skills to bring better solutions.
About Elizabeth Magill 1 Article

For over 15 years, Elizabeth has led product marketing for leading CX software vendors, including IBM, DemandTec, Coremetrics, Aspect Software, and eGain.

Currently, she holds this role for Cyara, the leading provider of CX Assurance solutions, where she defines positioning, messaging and go-to-marketing strategy.

About Margie Warrell 1 Article

Drawing from her background in business, psychology, and coaching, along with her diverse personal experiences, Margie is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to take braver risks, engage in bigger conversations and lead more purposefully.

Margie is also the Founder of Global Courage, a women's empowerment organisation, the host of RawCourage.TV and a regular contributor to leading media outlets including ABC News Breakfast and Huffington Post. Margie is also an Ambassador for Women in Global Business and Beyond Blue.

About Jennie McLaughlin 1 Article
I have been working in this ever-changing industry for 27 years spanning marketing, sales, executive and commercial roles working across a diverse range of companies including several start-ups, multinationals and self-employed as a strategic adviser. I'm passionate about helping clients solve complex business problems and delivering tangible results to their employees, customers and shareholders.
About Elise Kuchel 1 Article
Elise is the digital marketing specialist at Knosys and has been in the start-up technology sector for over 6 years. With a background in marketing and journalism, she joined the Knosys team early in 2019 to help them tell their brand story and bring their latest knowledge management offering, KIQ Cloud to a wider audience.
About Stefan Captijn 1 Article
I help customers succeed in offering better customer experiences with a strong focus on contact centres. For this, I am actively looking for qualified partners who can add value to our customers through Amazon Connect and other Amazon Web Services capabilities.
About Andy Ramage 1 Article

I am passionate about the psychology of well-being and how this can be harnessed to help individuals, managers, and companies to thrive.

My background as a professional athlete also inspired an interest in the psychology of peak performance.

About Jack Starr 1 Article

Jack Starr is one of Australia’s leading Jack of all trades and Master of none. Jack has been, or currently is, a writer, a waiter, a call centre operator, a nutritionist, a chef, children’s entertainer, a care worker, a brewery worker, a landscape gardener, a budding sportsman, a paperboy, a salesman, an entrepreneur and a dad.‘

And I’m only 27!’ He wishes.

About Doris Higginbotham 1 Article
Ms. Doris Higginbotham has been President of Canon Information Technology Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. since January 14, 2013.
About Jason Mallia 1 Article
Jason Mallia is Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, at Confirmit, the leading global solutions provider for Customer Experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research. Jason has extensive sales and management experience in IT solutions for marketing, analytics, customer centricity, and data management and has led sales teams in five countries.
About Sean McGinn 1 Article

For over 20 years Sean has worked in and lead every part of the contact centre, so he understands the unique challenges you face in making a transformational change. As a consultant at The Agile Contact Centre, he understands your challenges so he can identify and apply the right solution so you can achieve your goals.

About Ravi Saraogi 1 Article
Ravi is the Co-founder & President-APAC, leads Sales, Delivery and Customer Success for Uniphore. He has vast experience in directing technology teams in initiatives spanning mobile theft security, wireless network development, and mobile learning applications. He’s known for his excellent analytic skills, dexterity in problem resolution, and proclivity for driving operational excellence.
About tcn 1 Article

As a leader in the hosted call centre technology industry since 1999, TCN, Inc. is recognised worldwide as the preeminent global provider of cloud-based virtual call centre technologies.

Their cutting-edge communication technology has rendered expensive hardware, subscription software, and crowded call centres obsolete.

About Ben Noble 1 Article
Ben specialises in contact centre technology and has a deep understanding of inside sales and customer service markets. Topics of interest include AI, IoT, CRM, SaaS, PaaS, UCaaS, cybersecurity, cloud technology and CX.
About Jo Macdermott 1 Article

Jo Macdermott is a well-known thought leader when it comes to all things Marketing. Jo is the Founder of Next Marketing, a well established Marketing Agency based in Melbourne.

Jo is looking to connect with Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs (in funded startups) and Small and Medium Sized Businesses (with a marketing budget).

About Christina Kortesis 1 Article
Christina Kortesis is the head of Marketing for VERSA, a leading digital transformation agency that’s powered by Conversational AI. VERSA help heads of Customer Service Marketing, and Operations to integrate conversational, voice, and AI technologies. VERSA creates better conversations with customers, leading to a superior user experience and brand loyalty.
About Ryan Pell 1 Article
Ryan is a passionate writer who likes sharing his thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, he works as a digital marketing specialist at He likes everything related to traveling and new countries.
About Francis Quinn 1 Article
Frances is a business transformation and optimisation specialist helping businesses identify, enable, and implement strategies to improve customer experience, productivity, profitability, employee engagement and other key business objectives.
About Josh Mastel 1 Article

Josh Mastel is an entrepreneur and leading expert on the Millennial Generation as a salesforce.

He currently runs The Unentitled Project, a company that coaches organizations and sales leaders to properly hire, develop, manage, and lead their Millennial sales teams to achieve domination of their market space.

Josh is also a public speaker, delivering keynotes and Ted Talks at events, kickoffs, and sales meetings around the country.

About Mark McDermott 1 Article

Mark is a dynamic L&D Change Consultant, Account Director and Facilitator/Trainer with over 29 years’ experience in multiple sector/verticals.

Working with businesses to change cultures, Mark helps shape companies strategic learning challenges by articulating what needs to change and how it should be delivered to come alive for managers and teams alike.

About Ben Russell 1 Article
Ben is Managing Director of Geelong Technology Group, a responsive team of IT specialists who support businesses with all their IT needs including VoIP and work from home software and hardware solutions. Ben believes in providing responsive, dedicated helpdesk staff and in house Technicians for SME’s.
About Christina Hagh 1 Article
Christina Hagh has more than 15 years of experience in the call centre industry. She is an expert at optimising call centre productivity and is an active speaker at various industry conferences and seminars.
About Charles Heunemann 1 Article
Charles manages Natterbox's ventures in the APAC market and has over 30 years experience in the Information Technology sector including 15 years in IT security.
About Johanna Anniston 1 Article
Johanna Anniston works as a senior consultant with Aspect Software and has more than 15 years of experience in call centre industry. She is an expert at optimising call centre productivity and is an active speaker at various industry conferences and seminars.
About Tracy Trew 1 Article

Tracy Trew is a highly experienced, high energy customer service leader/troubleshooter.

A specialist in process improvement, performance improvement and employee engagement experience within the contact centre /service based / retail industries, Tracy is available for consultancy and project work across the globe.

About Robert Shimonski 1 Article
Robert is an experienced business leader and expert level technologist with 20 years of proven experience delivering solutions within diverse and challenging environments.
About Claire Morris 1 Article

Claire Morris is the co-founder and MD of Prezzee, Australia’s largest marketplace for digital Gift Cards.

As well as a consumer solution, Prezzee Business is a solution for the B2B market with a self-service platform designed to send 1000’s of Gift Cards in a few simple clicks.

About Donald Fomby 1 Article
Donald Fomby is an experienced writer who enjoys sharing his knowledge in the form of tips, tricks, and guides. He specializes in customer support, customer experience, and relationships. He’s currently working as an editor at Supreme Dissertations but he’s also very passionate about photography as well.
About Nichelle Dekeyzer 1 Article
Nichelle is VP of Sales at Clearlink. She has over a decade of experience in forecasting, recruiting, workforce management, and operational efficiency management; she’s currently pursuing her doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California.
About Nick Di Fuccia 1 Article

Currently the Head Of Delivery at Excite IT, Nick brings over 10 years experience managing high volume Enterprise Contact Centres, having started his career ground up on the phones.

He has a proven track record in the areas of People Leadership, Operational Delivery, Process transformation and last but not least, Client relationship management.

About Thomas Glare 1 Article
Thomas Glare has been running his own data analytics company since 2015. Most of his clients are small businesses looking to improve their numbers. This has given him a lot of experience with data involving customer analytics providing him with in-depth knowledge of how customers think. Thomas likes to write such articles and help other businesses around the globe find answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.
About Mark LeBusque 1 Article
Author of BEING HUMAN and with experience across a wide range of areas from the floor to the boardroom in operations, customer service, sales, human resources, general management and education Mark has a unique ability to get underneath the noise and find the truth in order to allow individuals and organisations to make progress.
About Jason du Preez 1 Article
Jason du Preez, is the senior vice president for APAC, SugarCRM, an AI-driven CRM platform that does the work for marketing, sales and service teams, helping businesses reach new levels of performance and predictability, that delivers a high-definition customer experience and provides real-time customer insights.
About Mark Homes 1 Article
Mark speaks to some of America's most successful business brands on improving sales, customer experience, leadership and employee performance. His insights are covered in a range of national media across the USA.
About Craig Bainbridge MPNLP 1 Article

Craig is the author of numerous books including 'The Psychology of Cold Calling, 'Don't Pitch Close' and 'I want more leads I'll show you how'.

With over 25 years direct selling experience and qualifications in Applied Psychology, personal development and coaching there's nothing Craig doesn't know about helping individuals and companies achieve outstanding sales results.

About Devang Parikh 1 Article
Devang is CEO of 24X7, a Melbourne based contact centre with proven success in providing affordable, high quality inbound and outbound lead generation and sales solutions.
About Julie-Anne Hazlett 1 Article
Julie-Anne has extensive knowledge in implementing best practice Workforce Optimisation particularly in the areas of Workforce Management, Performance Management and Quality and she has coached and trained many WFO professionals around the world.
About Ryan Waight 1 Article
Ryan Waight is a professional speaker on 'Modern Age Leadership' & ‘Performance Through Progressive Mindset'. He is currently the author of two books, Leadership Within and Progressive Mindset. He also hosts and produces The Mindset Project podcast.
About David McQueen 1 Article
David McQueen is the author of several articles that have been featured on both Linkedin, in the International Press and by several digital channels.
About Peter Grist 1 Article
Peter Grist, Managing Director of Grist Consulting is one of Australia’s leading behavioural change consultants and is on a mission to redefine sales and help people have more authentic, meaningful and compelling conversations with their customers and sales/service teams.
About Aimee Laurence 1 Article
Aimee Laurence is a multimedia journalist at Essayroo & Essay Help, a dedicated writer who loves sharing her inspiration and knowledge with her readers. Her passion is encouraging her readers to follow their dreams and ambitions, no matter what stage of their life they’re in.
About Linda Galindo 1 Article
Linda Galindo is an author, keynote and consultant and one of the few people who can make accountability from top to bottom fascinating and motivating (ok..and the f-word too...FUN.)
About Tim Mullen 1 Article
Business builder, investor and consultant - Tim likes to challenge the ways things have always been done working in global consultancies to corporates, co-founding my own companies and investing in others.
About Heidi Alexandra Joy 1 Article
I help executives and business owners who are frustrated with the people stuff, to transform their workplace culture into one where their people feel creative, useful and productive.
About Robyn Kiely 1 Article
Robyn Kiely has been an Account Manager at Tenacity CX for almost 18 months. Highly regarded by both her candidates and clients alike, it was this interaction with people that inspired her to start a career in recruitment. "I was really drawn to the constant engagement between candidates and clients. It is the most rewarding feeling knowing you have helped move someone’s career in the right direction and found the best fit possible for your candidate and client'.
About Dave Fish 1 Article

Dave has 20+ years of applied experience in understanding consumer behaviour and consulting with Global 50 companies. He regularly writes and presents on those topics at conferences and professional publications.

Dave has held several executive positions with MaritzCX, Maritz Research, J.D. Power and Associates, Toyota Motor Sales, and American Savings Bank and is currently the founder of CuriosityCX and SVP for ORC International.

About Trevor Michael 1 Article
Trevor Michael is a Customer Contact Industry Specialist of Select VoiceCom. He has operated successfully within this niche industry for over ten years across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. He enjoys writing, reading, and going to social events.
About Aaron Waters 1 Article

Aaron Waters is a Customer Experience & Innovation Strategist at Jacada.

His duties involve engaging and bringing executives in the Banking & Financial Industry up to speed on digital adoption using Jacada’s resolutions to ensure their customers experience an effortless customer journey.

About Rebecca Wilson 1 Article
Rebecca has extensive experience in CX strategy development, customer journey mapping, the application of behavioural economics theory and has helped companies navigate the links between Marketing, IT and Customer Insights through a "human truth" approach.
About Alex Beckis 1 Article

Alex is a copywriter and published author with insights and experience in the Contact Centre market. Experience includes writing Contact Centre user help, call scripts, emails, and video scripts, and ghostwriting a book on how to launch and operate a Contact Centre.

Alex provides B2B web copywriting for Australian and N.Z. companies

About Alok Kulkarni 1 Article
Alok Kulkarni is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cyara, a leading Automated Customer Experience Assurance Platform provider.
About Nate Brown 1 Article

Nate is the Co-founder of CX Accelerator. While Customer Service is his primary expertise, Nate is able to leverage experience in professional services, marketing, and sales to connect dots and solve the big problems.

From authoring and leading a client success program, to journey mapping, to implementing gamification strategies, to managing a complex contact centre, Nate is always learning new things and sharing with the CX community.

About Holger Reisinger 1 Article

Holger is a seasoned global executive with more than 25 years of experience from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing start-ups in the high-tech industry.

In addition to his role at Jabra, Holger is an accomplished speaker who presents at press and analyst events, industry conferences and sales trainings, and offers “expert opinion” to various industry media.

About Chris Lawson 1 Article

Chris Lawson has spent more than 25 years championing customer service solutions for Fortune 500 companies and is a frequent speaker on service excellence.

His firm, Lawson Concepts, helps contact centres harness information and provides solutions that redefine both the agent and the customer experience.

About John Johnson 1 Article
A veteran of Customer Service, Contact Centre and Outsourcing industries, John is currently VP Sales Channel N. America for TechSee.
About Carey-Ann Oestreicher 1 Article
Winner of a TOP 40 UNDER FORTY Business Achievement Award, a Top Ranked Online Influencer by Forbes Women and nominee as one of Canada's Most Powerful100 Women™ , Carey-Ann Oestreicher is a leading expert who works with organisations and individuals to create more engaged, productive and happier people.
About Ben Shipley 1 Article
Having spent time overseas running cross-functional teams while also leading transformation initiatives, I have returned to Australia to immerse myself in the APAC world of CX which is one of the fastest emerging markets for transformation and investment in technology to improve Customer Experience.
About Graeme Gilovitz 1 Article

Graeme Gilovitz is the Global Sales Development Director for Lightico after previously heading up Jacada’s Business Development team for the EMEA and APAC regions. Armed with a background in marketing & recruitment, Graeme sees the world differently from others.

He uses his "disruptive thinking" to find ways of enabling people and businesses to gain a competitive edge in a very overcrowded and complex world.

About Josefine Fouarge 1 Article

Josefine Fouarge is Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Nuance Enterprise Division, focusing on automated and human-assisted engagements in digital channels.

Josefine brings more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing for technology-related businesses in Germany and the U.S.

About Rachel Kemp 1 Article
Rachel is an experienced recruitment leader, leading teams across New Zealand and Australia to implement HR and operational strategies and manage processes, efficiency and continuous improvement projects.
About Christine Corbett 1 Article
Christine is an accomplished and highly versatile senior executive with extensive experience in delivering strong financial and people outcomes in the retail, eCommerce, consumer services and logistics sectors. She is an experienced professional with a successful track record in managing large and complex teams to drive a balance of commercial, customer and stakeholder results.
About Jim Haudan 1 Article
Jim leads a group of creative, analytical people who combine insights, art, visualization, and dialogue in innovative ways with clients including GAP, PETCO, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Hilton Hotels and more. A frequent speaker on leading successful change including topics on leadership alignment, building organizational movements, business transformation, and accelerated learning, Jim has contributed to numerous business publications.
About David Jaffe 1 Article

David Jaffe is the Consulting Director and co-founder of LimeBridge Australia and is a customer experience delivery expert as well as a regular speaker on customer experience management and customer advocacy.

He has led work in customer service improvements at more than a dozen major Australian institutions and coordinates the content for the Chief Customer Office Forum in Australia.

About Smitha Baliga 1 Article
Smitha is the CEO and CFO of TeleDirect, one of the premier business process outsourcing (BPO) contact centre providers. With more than 15 years of experience in business, finance and accounting, Smitha is responsible for implementing financial controls and processes. She is also responsible for organizational improvements and streamlining business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency, and bottom-line profit.
About Mike Smith 1 Article
Mike Smith was the CEO of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ) from 2007 to 2015. Following his retirement, he remained an Adviser to the Board until July 2017. Mike now spends his time with his wife and three children and he also enjoys wine, tennis and classic cars.
About Luke Rees 1 Article
Luke is the Head of Digital for AccurCast, specialists in ethical, international search engine optimisation, online advertising, and social media and mobile marketing.
About Sinelle Ann Fernandez 1 Article
Sinelle Ann Fernandez works in a New Zealand call centre by day, and is a budding journalist by night!
About Blair Stevenson 1 Article
Since 1997, I’ve helped contact centre leaders to create world-class coaching cultures, so they beat their targets without burning people out. I’m the founder of BravaTrak, the High-Performance Coaching System for Contact Centres. It’s guaranteed to lift your centres’ performance by at least 11% in 6 months, or it’s FREE.
About Hagai Shaham 1 Article
Customer Service Marketing Professional with a background in technology and entertainment.
About Carolina Scrobogna 1 Article

I love to explore the dynamics of exceptional customer experience and help companies improve, innovate, and humanise their CX with co-browsing.

At Surfly my mission is to build trust between companies and their clients.

About Bruce Temkin 1 Article

Bruce Temkin is a Customer Experience Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Strategic Adviser and Researcher helping large organizations improve business results by changing how they deal with customers.

As part of this focus, I examine culture, strategy, marketing, interaction design, customer service, and leadership practices.

About Will Kingston 1 Article
Will is a Customer Strategy Consultant at PwC Australia. He started his career with the global management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers and has taken a customer-centric approach to subsequent roles in business, the law and consulting.
About Sarah Jacobs 1 Article

Sarah Jacobs is an experienced writer who loves creating articles that can benefit others. She has worked as a freelance writer in the past making informative articles and fascinating stories.

She has extensive knowledge in a variety of fields such as technology, business, finance, marketing, personal development, and more.

About Tanya Bansal 1 Article
Tanya Bansal is an enthusiastic individual, Marketing Executive at Ameyo, who is keen to learn customer engagement problems, helping businesses find the right solutions effortlessly. Along with that, always being poised by the words, she finds her solace in reading and imparting her knowledge with students through multiple teaching programs.
About Brian Harkin 1 Article
Brian is a seasoned outsourcing and professional services sales leader who is strong in engaging his staff and clients and driving over performance against sales targets.
About Pierre de Braux 1 Article

Pierre de Braux is a content strategist at Spirayltics, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Manila, Philippines.

He's worked with a number of clients from operating in industries ranging from business process outsourcing, InfoTech, and lead generation, to HR, SaaS, and consumer goods.

He has a strong passion for all things sales and marketing-related and is on a mission to change the world, one piece of content at a time.

About Derek Bullard 1 Article
Derek is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur that has successfully founded and led multiple high growth organizations. Passionate about social causes, Derek has worked, volunteered or served on the board of directors for several non-profit organizations and he has been featured and provided insight to various media outlets including CNBC.COM and The Associated Press.
About Peter Desmond 1 Article
Peter Desmond is Digital Marketing Executive for Zevas Communications Ltd. Zevas is a privately owned leading provider of outsourced (our site) and insource (client site) customer contact solutions based in Cork, Ireland. Peter specialises in SEO, Content Creation, PPC Advertising, Analytics, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing.
About Jen Roberts 1 Article
Jen Roberts is an ICF certified executive coach and trainer who helps business leaders and their teams create fun, engaged, productive, and empowered environments where people love to work and are inspired to give their very best.
About Blake Morgan 1 Article
Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist. She's a globally recognised thought leader on customer experience and is the host of The Modern Customer Podcast and a weekly customer experience video series on YouTube.
About Luke Shepherd 1 Article
Luke is a Senior Recruitment Consultant for Sales Source National, a sales and marketing specialist agency. He is also a customer service expert and public speaker.
About Shaun Thompson 1 Article
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing within the Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting space.
About Erica Sunarjo 1 Article
Erica Sunarjo is a professional Content Creator and Editor at The Word Point, a translation services platform. Her career goals revolve around lowering the barriers between online trends and innovations and her readers. In her spare time, Erica enjoys swimming and reading self-development literature.
About Scott Allan 1 Article
Scott Allan is currently the Vice President, Australia at Inspiro and he is a contact centre, customer contact and outsourcing professional with over 15 years experience in a wide variety of sales and operational roles as well as a published online author winning several awards in the online marketing community for his white papers, sales training and marketing videos.
About Maria Lebed 1 Article
Maria is a Customer Service Advocate and Social Media Coordinator at Provide Support, LLC. She is a writer and blogger on customer experience, customer service innovation and live chat support service.
About Blaine Slater 1 Article
Blaine Slater is the Group Executive - New Business, who is responsible for working closely with strategic partners to assist them with the design, setup and integration of their customer engagement technology and operational delivery with TSA Group.
About Jack Pierce 1 Article
Jack Pierce is a mentor and leader in the e-learning field and is now the Managing Partner of myRhythm Group - helping clients unleash the human potential of every person in their organisation.
About Brett Stone 1 Article
Co-Founder of The Crucial Team where my role isn't defined by a series of tasks that I complete or by a list of duties I am responsible for. My role is to do whatever it takes to see that our customers and clients are more motivated, excited, and successful than they could desire for themselves.
About Patrick T Freeman 1 Article
Patrick is a business professional with 16 years of strategic experience in workforce management, analysis, business metrics, finance, organisational design, change management and continuous improvement.
About Tom Eggemeier 1 Article
Tom Eggemeier is the president at Genesy and he is responsible for the company’s customer-facing activities and key cross-functional initiatives.
About Nick Collett 1 Article

Nick is a Financial Services and Contact Centre professional with extensive senior management experience in contact centres, direct sales and face-to-face advice distribution businesses.

About Jonine Baker 1 Article
Jonine Baker has been researching customer journeys across a broad spectrum of industries for over thirty years.
Her passion is seeing your sales process and team delight clients and increase your profit, while handling every communication with respect, humility and professional eloquence.
About Alan Shapiro 0 Articles
M. Alan Shapiro is the CEO of Executive Boutique Call Center, an outsource call centre and BPO. Since 2008, he has been helping his clients’ companies grow by providing them with high quality and reliable outsourcing services from their two offices in Cebu, Philippines.
About Jason Price 0 Articles
Jason Price is an independent management consultant with sixteen years experience in business change and performance improvement of customer service, contact centre and complaints management operations.