An Automatic Dialler or Outbound Dialler is an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers in a call centre to increase efficiency.

While diallers are a welcome bit of technology for contact centres making large volume outbound calls, I’m not sure the love is reciprocated for consumers who sadly only associate the call centre industry with ‘those annoying telemarketing calls’.

Dialler Modes

There is a range of different types of diallers and modes with varying levels of complexity but the four most common modes are:


The agent can see the details for the next customers on the screen, but has to manually choose to make the call. Typically used where a bit of research may be required before making the call.


The system will dial the next number as soon as the agent has completed the previous call.


The system analyses the number of agents and average call times and essentially dials ahead to maximize productivity given agents very little rest (albeit you can tweak the settings). As one of the most used, learn more about a Predictive Dialler.


The system dials a whole heap of numbers and once it detects a human voice it plays a pre-recorded message. Often used for large-scale surveys or in elections to get the “message out there”.

Operating a Dialler

How the outbound dialler is set up can have a huge influence on the Customer Experience and your call centre agents so make sure you have someone who can drive it!

You will also need data to load into the dialler – essentially all the phone numbers (and potentially customer information) the agents need to call.

As well as data, you will also need a call centre script and have agents that are specifically trained in making outbound calls.

With the increasing costs of quality data, sourcing good data and ensuring your dialler is optimised to not waste the data is becoming more and more critical to an outbound campaigns success.

Next steps

Technology has come along in leaps and bounds and these days you can buy a stand-alone outbound dialler or a cloud-based outbound dialler as well as customer data from numerous list suppliers.

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