How to handle cold call objections
Call Centre Agent Tips

How to handle cold call objections

Here are 5 tips on how to handle cold call objections that will help you boost your sales conversions and ensure you are a lot less frustrated!

How to be Comfortably Awkward for career success
Call Centre Career Tips

Be comfortably awkward for career success

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of personal growth – get some tips on being comfortably awkward and stepping outside of your comfort zone for success.

4 Questions to ask before launching live chat
Call Centre Management Tips

4 common questions when launching live chat

We’ve got the 4 of the most common questions (and answers!) when launching live chat into your business helping you to improve the customer experience, lower costs and increase sales.

Guide to Knowledge Management Systems for call centres and customer service
Skills & Training

Guide to Knowledge Management Systems

The complete guide to Knowledge Management Systems will help explain the benefits of a KMS to improve your call centre efficiency, the customer experience and staff satisfaction! We cover all the common questions and answers about one of the most critical components in a modern call centre.

Civilian Call Takers are risking lives over trained professionals in the call centre
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Civilian Call Takers

There is a looming dispute over ACT Emergency Services call centre with the ACT union claiming civilian call takers are risking lives with plans to replace firefighters with trained call centre professionals to handle emergency calls.