How to STOP telemarketing calls to your home and mobile in Australia
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How to stop telemarketing calls in Australia

Like most Australians, I get annoyed by telemarketing calls. But what can be done in Australia to stop telemarketing calls and what are the rules? We reveal the truth from inside the call centre industry.

The future of CX and six facts you must know
CX Executive Tips

6 facts about the future of CX

After spending an evening with the world famous Don Peppers talking about the future of CX, there are 6 indisputable facts every CX manager should know.

Is working too hard really worth the price?
Call Centre Health & Wellbeing

A dose of perspective about working too hard

This is a story I heard many years ago and it always stuck with me – I hope it provides you with a dose of perspective about working too hard and whether the price you pay is really worth it.