coachable call structure for sales and service in a call centre
Call Centre Agent Tips

Coachable Call Structure

An easy-to-learn and coach Call Structure for call centre agents that works for sales or service without the use of a script!

How to play call centre poker to boost performance
How to Improve Performance

Call Centre Poker

Call Centre Poker is a game that can be used in inbound or outbound contact centres to improve performance results (and its fun!).

How to ask sales discovery questions
Call Centre Team Leader Tips

How to ask sales discovery questions

Discover a simple process for coaching contact centre sales agents on how to ask sales discovery questions that provide the consumer intelligence to make more sales.

How and why contact centre agents need to know your ideal customer
CX Leadership Tips

How to identify your ideal customer

Learn why sharing the key criteria of your Ideal Customers with contact centre team members will help improve engagement, customer experience, conversion rates and lower costs.